Spring Session 2024 Final Party and Mini Wheel Throwdown!

It was a beautiful day for all classes to converge! Superb potluck dishes on hand, and the barrel firing got going straight away and loaded with various pots and masks already prepared by many of the students. All sorts of different elements were added to the firing to achieve an array of effects (cow dung collected from Eastern WA, iron oxide, salt, and more). It’s always an interesting gamble that never seems to disappoint once everything comes out.

We topped it off with a (very informal, goofy) mini-wheel throwdown competition! A mini egg holder theme, but with M&M like candies standing in for actual eggs. You know, like everyone does! The mini wheels are USB powered and a torch is used to quickly dry and firm up the piece to remove it.

Thanks to all the students who came to enjoy the day! We’ll see many of you in the fall. Have a great summer!

Spring Session Final Party + Throw Down!

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The final class party is when students converge from different classes, pick up their newly fired delightful work, and enjoy some eclectic pot luck grub.

The weather was perfect, so instead of a barrel fire we knew we had to have our 2nd inaugural mudslinger’s invitational, where random teams compete to cooperatively throw the biggest, crudest bowl against the clock, head to head. Is it easier to spin a delicate yet sturdy form with another set of hands and after a cocktail? Nope!

Students admired each others’ creations and took pictures of their work at the photo station. Between the kids joining the festivities, the great food and banter, there was scarcely a dull moment! Thanks everyone!

My students rock! It can’t be explained.

pottery students seattle

I often marvel at how so many good people come to my Seattle studio as students. They continually inspire me as an artist and teacher, and while experimenting and exploring the medium, they typically motivate and inspire their classmates.

Most of my students are adults, but when anybody is in learning mode, especially clay learning mode, the kid in them comes out. They are curious, hungry, and sometimes transparent about feeling impatient or thrilled while they work and create. I love watching it all happen.

Because of students, I seek out new techniques to share with them, and this rejuvenates my own work. Years ago I bought a slab machine so I could teach students more hand building and it turned me into a sculptor. Before that I only had eyes for the pottery wheel. Currently I’m working on a new image transfer technique, again, to share with them, and it’s already finding its way into my work.

I may never figure out what it is that brings such good, fun, curious, friendly people to class. But there’s no time anyway, I’ve got to get the studio prepped for another fun Spring session, which begins tomorrow!